One Price Solution

You want to know that you got the best price available.
You deserve a single transparent, data-driven price
for pre-owned vehicles.

This is why we created OnePrice Solution, to offer
our lowest and best price that is set by transparent,
data-driven standards.

Here's how OnePrice Solution works:

We establish the price based upon the following criteria:

Mercedes-Benz OnePrice Solution Checkboxes Mercedes-Benz OnePrice Solution Imac

We aggregate this information using a proprietary software
and process, which provides us with four primary points:

  1. Market percentage:
    Aggregates the pricing of all vehicles based upon Year Make and Model to
    determine what is fair market value.

  2. Adjusted market percentage:
    Takes average market and accounts for mileage resulting in a true market
    value which we guarantee to be below.

  3. The Price Rank:
    The current price ranking of our car compared to the pricing in the market.

  4. The Audi Queens OnePrice Rank:
    The adjusted percentage of market ranking within a 250-mile radius giving
    us the most comprehensive list of vehicle comparisons.

We sell cars, not our integrity.

We are proud to be the most transparent
Audi dealership in the tri-state area.

After accounting for mileage and equipment,
we guarantee that our vehicles are priced below the
market average in a 250-mile radius.

Shop with Honesty.
Buy with Confidence.

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