It is no secret that your Audi is a luxury vehicle. With top-of-the-line premium features, new aged technology, and powerful engine, the condition of your Audi sedan or SUV is nothing less than pristine. Over time your car will depreciate, but with consistent routine service interval habits, your Audi may remain in its premier condition.

Maintenance schedules should occur in intervals, whether it be the mileage of your Audi or the years owned. Our Audi Queens service center provides maintenance interval charts to help plan your next service accordingly. Our maintenance charts are your blueprints for scheduled services if you own an Audi sedan or SUV dated from 2004 to 2021.

Depending on the miles, we break down our maintenance schedules into minor and standard maintenance. Minor maintenances are your essential services from oil changes to brake, tire, and multi-point inspections. Standard maintenances involve all minor maintenance items and add a more detailed inspection to your whole Audi. 

Schedule an Audi Service in Queens

If you require routine maintenance or your Audi aligns with the intervals of our maintenance charts, schedule a service appointment today! We want to help keep your Audi in high-class condition, and our team of certified Audi technicians can make that happen.

We encourage you to use our Audi Queens service specials to help cut the cost of your visit. We thank you for trusting our services and want to show our appreciation.

For more information, or if you have any questions regarding our maintenance charts or service center, please be sure to contact us here at Audi Queens, serving the drivers of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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