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Audi Driving

Review Your Vehicle For Wear and Use

Some vehicle wear and use is expected. The following pages outline common damage items and what we consider “normal” versus “excess” wear and use. Make sure to use our “Wear and Use Guide” where you see beside any picture. This guide will assist you in reviewing your vehicle prior to scheduling your vehicle inspection. Simply remove this card and hold it against any dings or dents—it can also be inserted into your tire tread.

For questions about items not covered here, call us at 866-277-8191. You may also contact your Dealer to assist you in reviewing your vehicle for wear and use.

Wear and Use

Wear and Use: Normal

Audi Card

Scratches, dents, and gouges
smaller than 2 inches on bumper
or panel

Audi Light

Three or fewer “dings” per panel
(a ding is the size of a quarter or
smaller, without broken paint)

Audi Light

Single windshield chip without spidering

Wear and Use: Excess

Audi Light

Scratches, dents, and gouges larger
than 2 inches on bumper or panel

Improperly completed body repairs
(i.e., mismatched paint, sanding marks,
and incomplete dent removals)

Audi Light

More than three “dings” per panel

Multiple chips, scratches, and dents
per body panel

Audi Light

Multiple chips, cracks, or pits measuring
more than 1/8 of an inch, or improperly
tinted windows

Wear and Use: Normal

Audi Light

Minor staining and carpetwear

All original equipment present including the
owner’s manual, all sets of keys, headrests,
and Cargo Cover (if applicable)

Wear and Use: Excess

Audi Light

Upholstery holes, tears, burns,

Excessive staining of the upholstery, carpet,
or interiorpanels

Damage to convertible top such as cuts,
burns, singes, tears, or stains

Wear and Use: Normal

Audi Light

All equipment, options, and accessories
are intact andworking

Wear and Use: Excess

Audi Light

Service indicator lights are on indicating
maintenance or repair is needed
(i.e., check engine light, airbag light,
and anti-lock brake light/ABS)

Wear and Use: Normal
Tire and Wheels

Audi Light

All four tires and the spare have more
than 1/8 of an inch of tread at the
shallowest point

Tires are same size and quality as the
original equipment

Audi Light

Minor steel or alloy wheelscuffs

Audi Light

Multiple, mixed tires are acceptable for Audi
vehicles not equipped with quattro ®
all-wheel drive as long as same size,
rating and quality as original equipment

Audi vehicles equipped with quattro ®
all-wheel drive must have matching brand,
size, and rating on all tires

Wear and Use: Excess
Tire and Wheels

Audi Light

One or more tires, including the spare,
have less than 1/8 of an inch of tread
at the shallowest point

Audi Light

Heavily gouged steel or alloywheels

Audi Light

Retreads, snow tires, gouged tires, or tires
with cut or plugged sidewalls

Unrepairable steel wheels or alloy wheels
that are broken, missing, or bent

Schedule your vehicle inspection

You can schedule an inspection appointment by visiting or by calling the inspection company, Alliance Inspection Management (AiM), at 844-889-8529.

Appointments are available Monday – Friday between 8 am and 5 pm, local time, and can be scheduled at your home or work, as long as someone 18 years or older is present.

During the inspection, an AiM agent will evaluate your vehicle for any excess wear and use. Upon completion, you will receive an inspection condition report, which itemizes any excess wear. Any excess wear will be billed on your Turn In Settlement Invoice (unless you choose to repair the items prior to turn in).

If you have any excess wear charges, we highly recommend that you discuss the results with your Audi Dealer and insurance agent. Your Dealer may have helpful suggestions for minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. Make sure to ask your Dealer if any of the repairs needed are covered under warranty. If repairs are completed, please email the receipt along with proof of payment, proof of the work performed, and the vehicle description (ie: VIN or vehicle Make, Model, and Year) to before turning in the vehicle—this will allow time to adjust your Turn In Settlement Invoice.

Inspection Checklist

Clean your vehicle inside and out
Make sure all items are present:

All keys
Owner Manuals and Maintenance Booklet
Cargo Covers (if applicable)
Any equipment installed at the time of delivery

To Schedule Your Inspection

Visit or call AiM at 844 889 8529, Monday – Friday 8 am to 11 pm, Saturday 8 am to 4 pm (Eastern).

Please note: Based on Wisconsin and New Hampshire’s specific regulations relating to vehicle leases, you are required to schedule your appointment within 15 days from the maturity date of the lease.

Turn in your vehicle

Once your inspection and desired repairs are completed, turn in your vehicle at your Audi Dealership.

Here’s how:

  1. Contact your Audi Dealer to set up a turn in appointment.
  2. At the Dealership, make sure to obtain a copy of your Vehicle Turn In Form for your records.
  3. After you’ve turned in your vehicle to the Dealership, contact us with any questions at 866-277-8191.
  4. You’ll receive a final Turn In Settlement Invoice from us within approximately 4–6 weeks. Please see our FAQ section for a breakdown of what’s included on the Turn In Settlement Invoice.

Audi Financial Services Loyalty Offer
As a returning Audi Financial Services lessee, we’ll waive your disposition fee* on your current lease and security deposit** on your next Audi lease; or if you decide to purchase your next Audi, we will waive your disposition fee* on your current lease.

* Your disposition fee on your current lease is waived if you lease or purchase a new or Certified pre-owned Audi through Audi Financial Services within 120 days of returning your Audi model.

** Unless required as condition for credit or leasing certain vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I turn in my vehicle to a non-Audi Dealer?
  2. No. Your vehicle must be turned in to an authorized Audi Dealer. Contact your Audi Dealer to schedule a turn in appointment.

  3. Do I have to do anything with my license plates after I turn in my vehicle?
  4. Yes, in some states. If you reside in CT, MA, NC, RI, or VA, your state requires you to provide proof of cancellation or transfer to stop the assessment of property taxes on the vehicle. FL and KY residents are also required to return or cancel their plates.

  5. How do I stop ACH payments after I turn in my vehicle?
  6. If you decide to turn in your vehicle while monthly payments still remain, please ensure that you stop automatic bill payment with us or your bank, if applicable. To stop the Audi Financial Services automatic bill payment, simply log in to or call us at 866-277-8191 to discontinue this service.

    Please note: If your request is received within five days of your scheduled withdrawal date, a payment will still be deducted from your account. This final payment will be applied to any remaining balance on your Turn In Settlement Invoice.

  7. What charges may be included on the final Turn In Settlement Invoice?
  8. You may be responsible for:
    Excess wear and use charges
    Excess mileage charges
    Any remaining payments and/or charges specified in your lease agreement that haven’t been paid
    Taxes and/or state fees or fines, when applicable
    Disposition fee*

  9. Can I turn my vehicle in early?
  10. You may turn in your vehicle up to 30 days before your scheduled maturity date. If you turn in your vehicle more than 30 days prior to your scheduled lease maturity date, you will be terminating your lease early and will receive an early termination invoice within 2–12 weeks of returning the vehicle.

    For more details regarding how potential early termination liability is calculated, please visit the FAQ section on myaccount or contact one of our Lease End Representatives at 866-277-8191.

    * Your disposition fee is waived if within 120 days of turning in your Audi model, you lease or purchase a new or Certified pre-owned Audi through Audi Financial Services.

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