Financing your vehicle allows you to make payments for your selected term. At the end of your term, you will own your vehicle and may earn equity. Best of all, you can customize your vehicle however you choose and drive as many miles as you desire.


You own the vehicle outright after your Financial obligations are met, and you can sell your vehicle or trade it in at any time.


Payments are based on the terms of your financing contract. You will have a set number of payments, each of which may help you build equity in your vehicle. Because you are paying for the vehicle's full price over the term of your contract, your monthly payment will typically be higher than if you were leasing the same vehicle over a similar term.

Wear and Use

Since the vehicle will be yours once you pay off your contract, there are no charges for excessive vehicle wear and use. If you decide to sell or trade in your vehicle, the excessive wear and use mayimpact its value.


Since you are making payments toward the ownership of your vehicle, you can customize it at any time.


You may drive as many miles as you want. If you decide to sell or trade in your vehicle, the mileage may impact its value.

Finance with Audi Financial Services

You can finance through your own financial institution, but we encourage you to see what Audi Financial Service can offer you. With Audi Financial Services you have wealth of benefits and experience at your disposal. Ask your Audi dealer about exclusive APR financing and current promotions only offered through Audi Financial Services. 

Payment Calculator

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